Our history, our places

Formerly known as “Masseria Civitella” for its adjacent Iazzo – a typical, circular stone piazza once placed within a Specchia, a primordial heap of rock. This structure serves as a precious reminder of the first settlements near Noci and is now a UNESCO heritage site.

It’s been aptly renamed MATERIIS Trulli e Natura, where the term “MATERIIS” – Latin for “nature in its fullness” – has become a promise of an intimate experience with its pure essence, a close encounter often forgotten, because of the frenetic rhythm of our daily lives.

In the heart of Itria Valley

However, apart from its name, this 1897 farmhouse has retained all its original charm. Its history is engraved in the stone that surrounds it, and further recounted by the ancient whispers of the oak woods that embrace it. These stories, glimpses of history and legends, echo from the verdant hills of the Itria Valley which ensconce it.

Tradition to be relived with experiences

This story is synonymous with “Apulian tradition”: you can read it in every detail of the historic stone Masseria and the small village of Trulli -comprised of 14 original cones, and you can relive it in every experience we offer: cooking lessons, nurturing of organic gardens, preparation and tastings of traditional dishes and product bases at km0, horseback riding and nature walks, and much, much more.

trulli in masseria in valle d'itria